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Orlaith Buckley Chartered Physiotherapist

Based at the Golf Physio Clinic, Rush, Co. Dublin

Tel. 087 9274433

Email www.golfphysioclinic.com




1997 -

Qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from Victoria University of Manchester.


2000 -

Appointed Physiotherapist to the Golfing Union of Ireland and Leinster Branch.

Role involves implementing and guiding the assessment of all members of Leinster
panels. During this time Orlaith has worked with Rory McIlroy, Shane Lowry & Lisa &
Leona Maguire, as well as several players who now compete on LET, European
Challenge Tour & development tours in both Europe & USA.


2003 -

Travelled to Melbourne and worked with Ramsay McMaster at the Melbourne Golf

Injury Clinic.


Returned to Ireland and opened the Golf Physio Clinic, which looks after a broad

spectrum of both amateur & professional players alike.


2006 Physiotherapist for Lee Westood, working closely with Pete Cowen & Ramsay McMaster
to progress Lee's return to becoming one of the world’s top golfers.


2008 -

Physiotherapist to the European Seniors Tour.


Responsible for a field of 72 players at up to 15 events a year. Clients include Ian


Woosnam, Sam Torrance & Sandy Lyle.
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