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The Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarship


To promote and encourage exceptional student golfing talent in Ireland


The Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarships Programme is a high level structured golf programme which offers amateur golfers of international standard the opportunity to pursue their golfing career whilst undertaking an internationally recognised degree course from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.


Paddy Harrington golf scholarships are being offered by NUI Maynooth in association with, Oceanico Group, Carton House, the Golfing Union of Ireland and the R&A. The golf scholarship programme includes the following:


•    Access to two championship golf courses at Carton House Golf Club
•    Access to full GUI Academy Practise Facility
•    Coaching and technical development under GUI national coach- Mr. Neil Manchip, PGA Pro
•    Warm weather training at Oceanico Golf resorts, Algarve Portugal.
•    Golf specific fitness training
-    Mr. Tony O’Regan: TPI 2 Golf Fitness Pro and Assistant PGA Pro.
-    Ms. Anne Marie Kennedy. Yoga for golf Ireland
-    Ms. Wendy Barry: Sports Massage and Physical therapy
•    Sports Psychology workshops and private consultation– Mr Ross Brosnan, Sports Psychologist and National Athlete Development  Academy (NADA) .
•    Health and Nutrition – Mr Marcus Shorthall (Performance Nutritionist)
•    Performance analysis and lifestyle management – Mr Barry Fennelly, Manager Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarship Programme
Tournaments and Competition:
•    Irish Colleges Golf Association (ICGA) www.irishcollegesgolfassociation.com : Irish Inter-varsity Championship and Match-play League
•    European University Sports Association (EUSA) www.eusa.eu : European Inter-varsity Championship.
•    Federation Institute Sports Federation (FISU): http://www.fisu.net World University Golf Championship’s
•    R&A Bursary Tournament and University of St. Andrews Boyd Quiach Tournament
•    GUI and ILGU Cup’s and Shield Championships: Senior Cup and Barton Shield
•    Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarship Golfer of the Year (GOY) Competition


Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarship are reserved for students who have the potential to reach a very high level of performance. The scholarship programme aims to promote individual golf excellence and development while representing the college at national and international collegiate level.


Application forms:

All applicants for the NUI Maynooth Paddy Harrington golf scholarship must fill out an application form. Application forms can be found at University's admissions web page under sports scholarships/golf.  http://admissions.nuim.ie/school_leavers/scholarships.shtml .
The closing date for receipt of applications is 1st of May 2012. Applications received after this date will not be considered.
Below is some additional information on our golf and academic criteria required for achieving a Paddy Harrington golf scholarship ?


Golf criteria:

To be awarded a full scholarship applicants should hold a handicap of +1 or better for men and 3 and below for women.
Although handicap is taken into consideration it is not the sole factor which will determine whether an applicant is successful or not in receiving a scholarship. The Paddy Harrington management team assess all applications and take into account applicants individual golfing achievements as well as their short and long term goals in golf. Paddy Harrington golf scholarships are reserved for students who have the potential to reach a very high level of performance. The aim of the scholarship programme is to develop players to an elite level whereby they can pursue careers  in top amateur or professional golf.
All scholarship applicants are reviewed by the national governing bodies such as the Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI) and Irish Ladies Golfing Union (ILGU).   Following review, the top applicants will be invited to attend the University in May for an interview with the scholarship management team.  Candidates who are successful in achieving a scholarship or a place on the development panel will be notified in writing by June.


Development Panel:

In recent years, due to the large number of applicants and competition for places, we have introduced a development panel program for players who fall short of receiving a scholarship. Development panel players receive some of the benefits of the scholarship and are given the chance to compete against the scholars for places on the various Universities representative teams.  Currently, we have three representative golf teams at NUI Maynooth. Those candidates offered a place on the development panel will be given the chance to prove themselves and may be awarded a scholarship at a later stage.


Academic criteria:

All applicants have to apply to NUI Maynooth through the CAO by May 2012.  An applicant will have to achieve a minimum of 300points in their leaving certificate in order to matriculate. All golf scholars have to be enrolled in a full time undergraduate or post-graduate degree course. If an applicant is successful in receiving a sports scholarship at NUI Maynooth they may be offered an extra 50points concession in their leaving certificate if needs be in order to help them reach sufficient points for a degree course.  
At NUI Maynooth we encourage all our golf scholars to pursue courses which allow some degree of flexibility so that they can fully engage with the golf scholarship programme. For example, a student pursuing a science or engineering degree course is likely to have at least 25-30 hours of lectures a week, whereas a student studying arts or business may only have between 12-16 hours a week.
Entry requirements and all academic technicalities are discussed with each candidate in the interview with the University’s admission officer Mr. John McGinnity. If you have any further questions regarding academic requirements please email   John.McGinnity@nuim.ie . I have attached the NUI Maynooth prospectus for your viewing.


NUI Maynooth will be hosting open days on Saturday 28th April 2012 and Saturday 30th June 2012. For more information regarding open days, please visit  http://www.gomaynooth.ie/open days.html.
If you are planning to attend any of these open days or if you would like more information, please contact:
Barry Fennelly, Manager, Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarship Programme.
Mob: 0861675056,
email:barry.fennelly@nuim.ie, or visit or new website: www.nuimgolf.com


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